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A lake in the woods

The water was smooth and calm, except for the noise of the spring from the little lake. The little lake was surrounded by trees and bushes and four old statues. Some birds in the woods were singing, some of thern sat at the shore and were drinnking water from the little lake. But not one bird was resting on one of the statues. The sun was shining and the sunrays hit the water A gentle breeze played with the water of the little lake in the wood. Under the surface were fishes and little water animals. They were playing, hunting, eating and living under the water. But the little lake in the wood was deeper than normal fishes could dive. Nodoby knew, how deep the lake actually was. And some whispering voices say, that this little lake in the wood has got a secret, but nobody did know, if it is true. And be sure, the little lake in the wood is quiet because lakes can´t talk. But, if you have seen the lake, you would think, that the secret of the lake must be connected to the four old statues.


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